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  1. Flash Player Settings

    I'm using the latest itself. the problem is fusion chart renders properly whether its line or bar chart , but on right click on the chart and then selecting the settings , the problem arises
  2. Flash Player Settings

    Hi I am facing issue in Adobe flash player settings . ISSUE: Not able to edit or close flash player settings ( right click of chart and click settings). Is there any property needs to be set. Thanks & Regards Sachin
  3. wat about my problem ?
  4. notification on animation event

    Hi I use Fusion charts v3 , I have an application where I render the charts one after the other on persistent clicks. I would like to know is there any event registered on animation , so that once the chart is loaded and after the animation is completed I would like to get an event , so that I can handle that event and load the next chart. By doing this most of the IE issues like "null is null or not an object" can be resolved . Thanks and Regards Sachin
  5. Hi I have an GWT application in which charts are loaded one after the other. Now I have a problem , if before the first chart is loaded completely if I try to load next by some event , I get a java script error sying "null is null or not an object" . I use Fusion charts v 3.1 (lincensed one which my company owe). This is a serious problem causing only in IE 7 or 8 . When I do the same thing in firefox , it works fine with no java script error . Could any one please suggest me regarding this. I have attached the error scrren shot for reference . Xml is attached with this Thanks and regards Sachin xml.txt
  6. null is null or not an object in IE 8

    Hi The xml generated is enough or do you want to see the code .Because its a huge application and might be difficult to send the entire code that is generating the chart. I have added an attachment of the screen shot .
  7. Hi I have fusion charts 3.1 version ( lincensed ) , on loading more than one charts in IE I get the java script error " null is null or not an object". Would you please help in this regard.Pls