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  1. Php Drill Down

    Hey Jamie, It would be great if you could attach your sample code snippet of what ever you got so far. I think I can help you with it. I had the same issues initially. Have a great day!! Thanks, Satish
  2. Hey all, I have a drill down chart and everything seems to be working great (thanks to Fusion Charts). But, now i have upgraded to the new version and all my charts except the drill down chart seem to be working. Do I have to make any changes in the way dill down charts are implemented in the new version? I am using DataURL method and stacked 3D charts has to be drilled down. Thanks, Satish
  3. Error With New Version

    Hey Ayan Pal, Can I send you the source code via email? Thanks, Satish
  4. Invalid Xml And Fctime

    Hello all, I need help with the FCTime being added to the URL . INFO: setDataURL method invoked from external script. INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method. dataURL provided: MainChart.php%3Fvalue%3D20&currTime=11_2_52_661 dataURL invoked: MainChart.php?value=20&currTime=11_2_52_661&FCTime=141284 INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method. ERROR: Invalid XML encountered. An XML element is malformed. Click the above "dataURL Invoked" link to see the XML in browser. Actually what i have realized is that when I click on the link provided by the dataURL invoked the chart displays correct. But, if by using the dataURL provided gives me invalid XML. So, how do I add the FCTime to my chart or is there any other way around this. Please help !!!!
  5. Error With New Version

    Hey Ayan Pal, Thank you for the reply. I have looked into the source code bu could not figure out the error. I have attached the code in my previous post, will that help? It was working just fine with the older version but now it seems to be giving me this error with the new version. Please help!! Thanks satish
  6. Error With New Version

    Hello all, I have upgraded to the new version but i have issues while using the drill down chart. I am attaching the file which generates the chart and another file which generates the drill down chart. The error i get is shown below. I have read a similar post on the fusion charts forum, but I could not fix the issue I was facing. #25081843:IECompatibility() Chart Id is same as a JavaScript variable name. Variable naming error. Please use unique name for chart JS variable, chart-id and container id. I would really appreciate it if any one could come up with fix to my problem. Thanks Satish Fusion_chart
  7. Hi Angie, Thank you for the reply. But, I am doing the same thing and it works to drill down on the same page. I want open the drill down chart on a new window. And that is when it wont work. Any ideas? Thanks, Satish
  8. Hello All, This is what I have for my drill down charts. I have the function written and it works fine. $strlink =urlencode("javaScript:updateProductChart1(".$ors['year2007'].",".$daterange1.",".$date.",".$RegionNumber.",'".$realCategory."','".$CategoryName."','".$test."', '".$CategoryRealName."', '".$badge."', '".$list."', '".$viewRegionSummary."', '".$username."', '".$group."');"); $FC1->addChartData($array1[$M],"link=$strlink"); But the problem is that now I want to display the charts as a pop up or in a new window and I want to know how I can do it while using javascript functions as link. I tried n- and p- but that wont work. Please tell the way around this issue. Thanks, Satish
  9. Sending Strings Through Urlencode

    Hey all, Well I am not able to figure out where I am going wrong $strlink =("javaScript:updateProductChart1(".$ors['year2007'].",".$daterange1." ,".$date.",".$RegionNumber.",".$Category.", '".$var."');" ); seems to be working $var ="this is test"; but wont work if my $var changes to $var = "C-24"; I don't know why? The value in $var keeps changing depending on the option selected by the user. Please help...I need it real quick.. Thanks satish
  10. Erro On Multple Charts Display

    Hey, I am glad that helped. I made the same mistake when I started of working with fusion charts... have a good one!!! satish
  11. Sending Strings Through Urlencode

    Hey all, Well the ' $var ' seems to be working if I have $ var = "this is test"; but wont work if i have $var = "C-24"; Any clue?? Thanks, satish
  12. Erro On Multple Charts Display

    Hi thethakuri, From what I understood, I think you have to give each chart a different (unique) label in the echo renderchart() or renderchartHTML () functions. I think that is the reason. Hope this helps, satish
  13. Hey FusionCharts Team, To start off, thank you for your wonderful service. I am planning on upgrading to the new V3.2 version. But I am not sure where to start off from . I have downloaded the files. But I am not sure, how can I upgrade my version to V3.2 without loosing any data or information. I am hesitant, but would really appreciate any help from you guys. Thanks, satish
  14. Sending Strings Through Urlencode

    Hey all, K now how do i send a variable that has something like $var = C-24. I tried to do the same as before but no luck.. Please let me know this. thanks, satish