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  1. If the XML is correct then why the chart is showing error message in debug mode? Could you provide some pointers so I can look into?
  2. I have already added my code and copied the error message text [screen-shot] in the post above.What exactly you are looking for? Thanks Pramay
  3. I am using below code to display the AngularGauge chart but its showing me "No data to display message" var x1234:XML = new XML(<Chart bgColor='AEC0CA,FFFFFF' fillAngle='45' upperLimit='2500000' lowerLimit='1600000' majorTMNumber='10' majorTMHeight='8' showGaugeBorder='0' gaugeOuterRadius='140' gaugeOriginX='205' gaugeOriginY='206' gaugeInnerRadius='2' formatNumberScale='1' numberPrefix='$' displayValueDistance='30' decimalPrecision='2' tickMarkDecimalPrecision='1' pivotRadius='17' showPivotBorder='1' pivotBorderColor='000000' pivotBorderThickness='5' pivotFillMix='FFFFFF,000000'> <colorRange> <color minValue='1600000' maxValue='1930000' code='399E38' /> <color minValue='1930000' maxValue='2170000' code='E48739' /> <color minValue='2170000' maxValue='2500000' code='B41527' /> </colorRange> <dials> <dial value='2100000' borderAlpha='0' bgColor='000000' baseWidth='28' topWidth='1' radius='130' /> </dials> <annotations> <annotationGroup xPos='205' yPos='207.5'> <annotation type='circle' xPos='0' yPos='2.5' radius='150' startAngle='0' endAngle='180' fillPattern='linear' fillAsGradient='1' fillColor='dddddd,666666' fillAlpha='100,100' fillRatio='50,50' fillDegree='0' showBorder='1' borderColor='444444' borderThickness='2' /> <annotation type='circle' xPos='0' yPos='0' radius='145' startAngle='0' endAngle='180' fillPattern='linear' fillAsGradient='1' fillColor='666666,ffffff' fillAlpha='100,100' fillRatio='50,50' fillDegree='0' /> </annotationGroup> </annotations> </Chart>); fd.FCChartType="AngularGauge"; //graph.fd.FCDataXML = new XML(); fd.FCDataXML = x1234; graph.fd.FCDebugMode = true; trace(x1234); fd.FCRender(); I have enabled tghe debug mode and it displays below message Info: Chart loaded and initialized. Initial Width: 1186 Initial Height: 646 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN Version: 3.1.1 Chart Type: Real-time Angular Gauge Chart Objects: BACKGROUND TICKMARKS TICKVALUES LIMITVALUES VALUE DIAL PIVOT GAUGE TRENDPOINTS TRENDVALUES TRENDMARKERS TOOLTIP INFO: Chart registered with external script. However, the DOM Id of chart has not been defined. You need to define it if you want to interact with the chart using external scripting. WARNING: Could not find dataXML or dataURL parameter. Setting empty data for the chart. ERROR: No data to display. There isn't any node/element in the XML document. Please check if your dataURL is properly URL Encoded or, if XML has been correctly embedded in case of dataXML. No Data to Display: No dial was found in the XML data document provided. If your system generates data based on parameters passed to it using dataURL, please make sure that dataURL is URL Encoded.
  4. Hi, I am using Fusion charts to display charts in Flash.I have used AS (Flex) to integrate it. The XML required by the FCData() is generated dynamically and added.The XML is as below: dpXML = <chart XAxisName="" palette="1" animation="1" formatNumberScale="0" numberPrefix="" seriesNameInToolTip="" showValues="0" showNames="0"> <categories> <category label="CreditCard1"/> <category label="CreditCard2"/> <category label="BOM_RecurringDeposit3"/> <category label="FixedDeposit4"/> <category label="HomeLoan5"/> <category label="BOM_RecurringDeposit6"/> <category label="HomeLoan7"/> <category label="CarLoan8"/> <category label="FixedDeposit9"/> </categories> <dataset> <set value="21"/> <set value="19"/> <set value="11"/> <set value="6"/> <set value="5"/> <set value="5"/> <set value="4"/> <set value="4"/> <set value="3"/> </dataset> </chart> The chart always displays the values and name even if I set showValues="0" and showNames="0". I am also calling below methods. _fusionChart.FCData(new XML()); _fusionChart.FCData(dpXML); _fusionChart.FCRender(); Let me know if I am missing anyting !! Thanks Pramay