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  1. Hi, Regarding License Schemes: We are a product based developers and we have built a web application project that is hosted as a single domain. Our product is service based, ie., We have developed the product on the basis of providing service to customers thro' our URL. They can use the product by accessing our URL and can login with their unique username/Password to use our product. We use FusionCharts in our application to show user data when, user login thro URL to access their account. We here not embedding Fusion Charts to customer location or not allowing customers to download our application or fusion charts . WE ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO ACCESS THEIR ACCOUNT IN OUR APPLICATION AS A SERVICE. NOW, I NEED TO KNOW WHICH LICENSE SCHEME IS BEST SUITABLE FOR MY APPLICATION , SINCE OUR APPLICATION IS SaaS BASED. Also need to know the price of FusionCharts v3 bundle for SaaS License. Thanks & Regards, Karthic Prabhu Balasamy