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  1. Thanks for the help, i've just started modifying the chart! greetings!
  2. My company bought the enterprise edition and therefore i can edit the source code. Before i start hacking blindly, can i get a hint where to implement this feature?
  3. I have to display negative values with the candlestick chart, is there a way to add this feature or is it implemented and i didn't find it? greetings from Austria :w00t:
  4. Since there are tooltips there is a function called when the mouse is over an anchor, so if you bought fusioncharts and are allowed to edit the source code you could search in the file CandleStickChart.as for the function drawAnchors and look for the part where the mouseover and mouseclick is handled... Look into the mouseclick function and copy the javascript call into the mouseover function, than add an attribute to the chart and voila, you have your own mouseover event added. Only do this if you have either lots of time or are good at programming (and still have a lot of time :hehe: )
  5. Flash Menu

    I'm working on a site where the users may have to download the data inside the fusionchart as excel, therefore it would be great if the user could just click right on the flash, select export to excel and get the excel file as download. Anyone knows how i can add a new option to the menu when the right button is clicked? Or is it possible? greetings
  6. Dynamic Y Axis setting

    The AdaptiveYMin is a property of the dataset, therefore it has to be part of the data.xml you are giving to you fusionchart JS Object.
  7. Decimal Places

    If I understood it correctly, the Fusion Chart Documentation says that "forceDecimals" does not work with axis labels. Is there an alternative to show trailing zeros there? Thanks.
  8. ClickURL and Link

    Big thanks for this code snipped, i haven`t had the time to change any chart yet but i definitely will!
  9. ClickURL and Link

    My company bought the Fusionchart Enterprise edition therefore we are allowed to modify the source code. Is there an easy way to change the chart itself to accomplish that? (easy means up to 8-10 hours of work )
  10. ClickURL and Link

    I`m working on a Chart where the user has to be able to click on every single data point to call a javascript with the corresponding values. Moreover the user has to be able to click on the whole chart to call another link. My problem here is that somehow the layer from the ClickURL link is higher than the layer from the data point links so the data point links never get called if a ClickURL is assigned. I want the chart to call the data point link when a data point is clicked and call the ClickURL when anywhere else is clicked. Help needed! :w00t: greetings Andrew PS: damn cool smiley's :cool: