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  1. FusionCharts v4 ?

    Any updates on 3.2's release?
  2. Category Label Color

    OK. Thanks.
  3. Category Label Color

    Is there a way to have a different font color for one category that is different from the rest? I see the fontColor property on the categories element, but that is for all categories... fs.
  4. Zero Bars in 3D Stacked Bar

    Thanks Sanjukta. That did it. -fs
  5. Is there a way to hide bars with values of 0 in the stacked bar chart like it is possible in the 3D pie (via the showZeroPies property)?
  6. ToolText on DataLabels?

    By the way, this is on the Stacked Bar 3D Chart.
  7. Hello, I am trying to attach a tooltip to a data label. In the documentation, it describes an attribute on the category element called toolText. This seems to not work. I also tried to add an anchor tag using the title attribute (also set isHtml='1' in the styles section). This also did not work. Any ideas?