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  1. Colors of the legend keys don't match with the chart. Is there any other way i can match the colors/
  2. This is my chart object var loudNessChart = iqCharts.createRealTimeLineDYChart( 2500, portletHeight, null, "loudNessChart", obj.loudness ); function returns the widget after setting the dataXML this.createRealTimeLineDYChart = function( width, height, dataUrl, chartId, dataXML ){ return this.createWidget( width, height, 'RealTimeLineDY.swf', dataUrl, chartId, dataXML ) } But my dataXML is huge. I attached the files now dataXML.xml
  3. Sure i will send. I have one question. setDataUrl Vs setDataXML is there any difference between those interms of performance?
  4. Resize Chart

    You set the width of the chart. var chart = new FusionCharts( url, chartId, width, height, '0', '1' ); But, when you resize the chart for larger widths, you see the delay in rendering
  5. We are facing the performance issue of chart rendering when the chart width is more. We are suppose to show the XY chart in detail for every second for the period of 15 mins. For that we make chart width as 2500. Rendering time of this chart is really long. Also this chart doesn't have the horizontal scroll bar. (Same case in Scatter XY chart, also doesn't have horizontal scroll bar) Any suggestions to make performance better? Fusion team: you can consider these in the next release
  6. Relatime Line DY chart

    Hi Fellas, I am making a RealTime Line DY chart using fusion widgets. I need to mark some region (trend region) vertically. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I can go for Scrollable XY chart in fusion charts for vertical trend region, but it doesn't have Dual Y axis Basically , i need the following tag functional in RealTimeLineDY widget. Any suggestions/help would appricate.