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  1. Multiaxis with vertical names

    Hi, how to add horizontal line (trendlines) in multiaxis chart Thanks and regards Rakesh Todankar.
  2. Save chart as Image to Server.

    Hi Srividya Now its working fine for column2d charts but its is not working for multiaxischart. actually javascript hasRendered() method is not working for multiaxis chart below is my javascript function. function ExportMyCharts() { var chartObject1 = getChartFromId('myChartId'); if( chartObject1.hasRendered() ) chartObject1.exportChart(); var chartObject2 = getChartFromId('myChartId1'); if( chartObject2.hasRendered() ) chartObject2.exportChart(); } what will be problem? Thanks Rakesh
  3. Save chart as Image to Server.

    Hi Srividya , My download is working properly.but save is not working its showing error message server directory does not exists. what will be problem? Thanks & regards Rakesh
  4. How to save all charts?

    any updates ? Thanks & regards Rakesh
  5. How to save all charts?

    Thanks Sanjukta for your reply. Actually i have tried that code but by using that code i got only one chart saved in single file other chart is not getting save in same file i m posting my code as attachment plz check. am i missing something ? Thanks & Regards Rakesh server1.txt server.xml
  6. How to save all charts?

    HI Basundhara, I have the same requirement of exporting(server side- java) multiple charts on a button click or automatic export in single file is that issue solve ? Regards, Rakesh