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  1. These links say nothing about building fusion charts from source code. Thanks, Abhinav
  2. Hi, Can you please forward me to a link telling how to build fusion charts from source. Thanks, Abhinav
  3. We are using mtasc to build fusion charts . Command like this in ant throws a similar exception <mtasc srcfile="com/fusioncharts/core/charts/Column2DChart.as" inputswf="fusioncharts/swf/Column2D.swf" outputswf="${flash.lg.flashbuild}/Column2D.swf" mx="true" msvc="true" version="8" group="true" strict="false" failonerror="${failonerror}"> <classpath> <path> <pathelement location="fusioncharts/src"/> </path> </classpath> </mtasc> we have copied all the source files from sourcecode folder. thanks, Abhinav
  4. AS2 in which we are using FC3 Thanks, Abhinav
  5. Hi , We are upgrading to enterprise version 3.2 of FusionCharts. We are having a custom ActionScript file which instantiates [email protected] and com.fusioncharts.core.charts.Line2DChart. This ws compiling fne till now but now gives error saying com/fusioncharts/helper/ObjectManager.as(53): characters 7-11 : type error Object should be String. I noticed after removing most of the code that just the declarion itself is throwing this exception. private var chart:Line2DChart; Looking forward to some help. Thanks, Abhinav