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  1. Hi , i want to add a linear trend line to my fusin chart i am getting the data from the data base ... i want to add a trend line to graph .... Thanks
  2. Exporting Problem

    Hi can u check this ExportHandlers/PHP/FCExporter.php in the php folder whatever exporter php file u have place that one use this one then u can get i think
  3. How To Remove A Data Point From The Chart

    Hi Basundhara Ghosal, Thanks for u r response . my requirement is remove value from the graph .. once again the graph need to be genrate .
  4. Hi to all, i am using Fusion charts . i am getting the data from the data base by using the data i am plotting a fusion chart in some case i need to remove a data point from this graph Thanks in advance
  5. how to start

    i am new to fusion charts plz give guidelines how to start fusion chart mine is local system there is no server to me how to start fusion charts what are swf files plz give me suggestions thanks in advance sai krishna alapati banglore