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  1. Ampersan in "link"

    Ok, I solved it, I added both 'unescapeLinks' and changed %26 to %2526. It wouldnt work with one or the other, only both. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Ampersan in "link"

    Hi Sanjukta, Sorry for leaving it so long to reply but It literally took me ages to find my username and password for the Product Update Center. I assumed that my version was out of date but it actually is not, its v3.1.1 Could this actually be a problem with Internet Explorer?(I can't switch to another browser for many reasons) Have you heard of this problem with anyone else? Thanks
  3. Ampersan in "link"

    Hi Sanjukta, Thanks for the reply I tried using unescapeLinks but it made no difference When I view the source code, the link is printed as "customername=AT%26T Wireless" When I click on the chart then, it translates the %26 to & as follows customername=AT&T%20Wireless Thanks
  4. Ampersan in "link"

    Hi all. My company has recently purchased a license for Fusion Charts and I've recently come across a problem that I cannot solve. When I'm adding a link to the chart, one of the parts of the link contains an ampersand (M&D). I have replaced the ampersand with %26 as per HTML standard but when I then click on the chart and are brought to the page with the link, the %26 is translated back into an ampersand in the URL. So I have link='http://www.blablabla.jsp?ordid=M%26D' in my XML which doesn't cause any errors with the chart, I click on it and in the URL, I see http://www.blablabla.jsp?ordid=M&D which really messes things up for me. I am using java to generate the XML too but that should have nothing to do with the problem Thanks in advance