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  1. Hi Sanjukta, We are not using fusion charts free version , we have purchased the enterprise edition of fusion charts V3. Is there any way to get these requirement met in the Fusion Charts enterprise release. Thanks & Regards Hari Gopal S A
  2. Dear Sanjukta, Please find the chart screen shot and xml attached herewith. Thanks & Regards Hari Gopal logxml.xml
  3. Dear Sanjukta, I tried out the logarithmic chart, but it displays only positive values. Also decimal values are not being plotted by that chart ! Can you please suggest any other method? Thanks & Regards Hari Gopal
  4. Hi Team, We have some charts where we need to show some low values and some huge values (like in the example problem.jpg). In the example as you can see the bar with the value $18 is shown as zero since the other values are in thousands ! We need some workaround to let the users know that the bar is not really zero. Showing values as in this example can solve that problem to some extend, but some of our users dont like that. Can you suggest some other way through this? Another option we thought of was to split the y-axis as shown in the sample pic Chart with Y axis modified.jpg, can we do something like this in fusion charts V3 ? Thanks & Regards Hari Gopal S A
  5. Hi, I am using batch export of fusion charts in my web page. but the ExportComponent rendered into the div is having different style than my web page. I know the component attributes are configurable. But that wont work with my requirement.. I dont want to hard code color for my component attributes . I want to load the styles from my style sheet for this export component div also.. Any suggestions? Regards Hari
  6. Hi, In my page i have single series and multi series fusion charts. My batch export code(client side) is working only for single series.Can anyone help..... Regards Hari
  7. Hi, I am using client side handler to export my fusion charts to PDF format(batch export). But multi series charts are not exporting. Can anyone suggest solution? it is urgent.. Regards Hari
  8. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have gone thru these links. It is explaining client side batch export. Can you provide suggestion for server side batch export? Regards Hari
  9. Hi Team, We need to have the facility to export fusion charts from our dashboard. We are currently using the FCExporter handler(Server Side) to export the individual charts. Can you please suggest a way to provide a provision to export all the charts in the page(in addition to having the export functionality on the individual charts)? Regards Hari
  10. Hi Sanjukta, Thanks a lot for your help . The solution you provided is working like a charm. Regards Hari
  11. Hi Team, I have a Column 3d Line chart on my page. In the XML I am inserting break tags to split the x-axis labels in to multiple lines. When there are only two bars in the page (like shown in the attachments) the X-axis labels after the break are not displayed. After some trial and error I have figured out that the issue is with the labelDisplay setiing, if I set that to NONE the chart displays just fine. But when the number of bars increase to say 20 the labels seem overlapped. What I have done is I have programatically set the labelDisplay based on the count, like if it is below 5 then I will set NONE else WRAP. I know that this is not an elegant solution, can you suggest a way better through this? Is this a bug ? Regards Hari Correct.xml Wrong.xml
  12. Hiding zero in Stacked Column

    Hi Sanjukta, Yes it solved my issue, you are a Life Saver . Thank you so much for your help. Regards Hari
  13. Hiding zero in Stacked Column

    hi Friends, I have a very particular request on a stacked column chart. I want to hide any item that has a value of 0. For example in the xml provided we have a zero value in the Category Product E and Series 2006, I need to hide that, not just the value but that green bar itself. Can you please help me with this? The xml and the chart screenshot is attached herewith. Thanks Hari StCol3D.xml