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  1. Gantt chartwidth=0

    Hi, sorry, I really tried. In the stripped down version it works. So, don't know where the problem is. Heike
  2. Hi all, I am evalutating the gantt chart using flex. But the chart won't show. Here is my code: But when I look at the access log files: "GET /gantt/flex-client/fusionwidgets/Gantt.swf?flashId=instance196&defaultdatafile=Data.xml&dataURL=data.xml&dataXML=&chartwidth=0&chartheight=0&debugMode=1&mode=flex HTTP/1.1" 200 89420 the chartwidth and chartheight is 0. When I manually call the url with proper chartwidth and chartheight it shows all right. What am I doing wrong? I am using FlashPlayer 10,0,45,2 FlexBuilder 3 and FusionChartsFlex v1.2 Thanks, Heike