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  1. Hi, Is there a way to make radar circles (div lines) in the radar chart even though there are only 3 categories defined? Apparently, when there are 3 categories defined, the div lines are drawn as triangle. The target is to render the chart similar to the photo attached.
  2. Hi, I have just upgraded from FusionCharts v3.2 to 3.2.2, and if I understand the documentation correctly, I suppose the fallback to javascript should happen automatically, without any change of code, when no flash is detected (from this doc). Is that correct? This automatic fallback feature doesn't seem to work, even after clearing all the browser's cache. The one without flash just stuck at "Loading chart. Please wait"... (screen capture: ). Do I miss any step in the upgrade process? Thanks in advance for your support. Regards, Hadyan
  3. Thanks for the files. I've tried replacing the JS files with the ones you attached but it still didn't work. Comparing against my original FusionCharts.js, apparently the one I have is newer (3.2.2-servicerelease1.4200), so i guess those js files are not the source of the problem... Then I tried on a page with much simpler javascripts (i.e.: no prototype/jquery) and the auto switch to javascript charts seems to work well. Not so sure yet, but perhaps some js conflict is breaking the js charts then..? Is there any known conflict with any js libraries? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply. I've tried with FF 5.0 under Redhat. Also tried in IE 7 under Win XP SP 3 by disabling the "Shockwave Flash Object" add-on.
  5. Hi, I would also like to request for the multiple columns support for the grid component. We can't show the data values directly in most of our multiseries/stacked charts, so we need to display the data table to accompany the charts, exactly like in your Grid Component examples. So what we need is to be able to pass the kind of XML for multiseries/stacked chart to the grid component and the grid should display the categories and datasets as the rows and columns of the grid. Many thanks in advance, Hadyan.