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  1. Tooltip Overlapping Legend

    The latest build fixed the issue - thanks!
  2. Tooltip Overlapping Legend

    I am currently using @version fusioncharts/3.2.3-release.4749. Is that not later than the version listed below?
  3. Tooltip Overlapping Legend

    Thank you for the reply. Moving the legend to the bottom solves the overlap problem, but that the design calls for the legend to be to the right of the chart. Is there any other resolution to the problem without having to move the position of the legend?
  4. Tooltip Overlapping Legend

    Hi, I am using the javascript rendering engine for FusionCharts XT and am having an issue with Tooltip placement. In the attached image, my tooltips are overlapping the legend. This behavior would be acceptable if the tooltip background was opaque, and thus readable. However, the legend text is coming through the background and creating a circumstance that makes the tooltip difficult to read and gives it an unpleasant aesthetic experience. Any suggestion towards resolution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Scott
  5. Hi! I am having a specific problem with Fusion Charts XT javascript rendering in IE 8. When using animation in IE 8, the side of my StackedColumn3D chart renders are black. When I mouse over the chart, the color returns. I have tested this in IE 7 and 9, and the problem does not exist. It also renders correctly in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Is there a known issue with animation in IE8? Image attached. Thanks! Scott