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  1. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    Hi, Continue to my post of ver3.2 Beta at I have successfully able to print the chart in Firefox but I believe I found a bug on the waiting time for chart to be ready for print. My page is having 8 - 10 chart in a page. By scrolling down my page I will see each chart starts to load. The problem is, if I don't scroll down my page , even I wait 1 minute, my chart will not get ready for printing. I'm using example based on Please advice
  2. Firefox not able to print Chart

    Hi , I have downloaded Fusion 3.2 Beta, what are the changes I need to make to have my chart printed in FF. Im using Pie 3D. Thanks Because I'm using C# to render the chart FusionCharts.RenderChart("SWF File","","XML Data","Chart ID","width","height", false,false) Where do I add the line FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); and FusionCharts.printManager.enabled(true) so my chart can function as the example you gave in : Thanks again.
  3. Firefox not able to print Chart

    We are glad to announce that the FusionCharts v3.2 Beta version has released last week. In case you wish to get hold of the Private Beta version of FusionCharts v3.2, please drop us a mail at [email protected] Your suggestions are very important to us. We have made a due note of the same. Looking forward to your mail. Email sent. Ticket ID: 70979
  4. Firefox not able to print Chart

    When will 3.2 be released? We are in a hurry and need to get the things solved with Firefox printing? Suggestion. Fusion Chart should find a way to enable user to choose either using animated chart (flash) or static image chart like below because user sometimes have different goals to achieve and browser compatible issue.
  5. Firefox not able to print Chart

    Do you have code for this examples.
  6. Firefox not able to print Chart

    Do you have any examples for this, the explanations and implementing it is 2 different things. As my site is generating a dynamic chart for each individu, I cant seem to figure how I need to store the chart image into my server every time a user wants to export to PDF. My needs are simple, have the chart display as an image rather then flash when is required.
  7. Firefox not able to print Chart

    Hi, Im using the Fusion chart v3 currently. What I'm doing currently is to convert my page with the chart into pdf. I'm able to convert image/text but not flash element. Is there possibility to convert the chart into a static image? Thanks.
  8. Firefox not able to print Chart

    Hi, It seems to be working. I can use this for now. But can you explain the "Charts are not ready for print." then changed to "Charts are ready for print.". Is this necessary or is just a difference before and after? Im using .NET for the fusion chart and using only Pie chart. Possible to have a sample code zipped and post here? And I see the title is Print Manager - FusionCharts JavaScript Library 2.0 for FusionCharts v3.2 Ver3.2 not yet released right? Thanks.
  9. Firefox not able to print Chart

    Hi, I'm aware that Firefox is having problem printing flash and that's including Fusion Chart. I'm also aware that Fusion team is releasing new fix for these. What I don't know is when you will be releasing it as I'm required to have this issue fix asap. I believe the reason that you are not releasing it is because there is some compatibility issue with Adobe Flash ver 10. While waiting for them, can you suggest a way or a workaround for this as for temporary fix? I see this opensohurce from looks promising but I have no idea how to implement it on Fusion Chart. Maybe your experts can help me on this. The objective is simple, to have it print on Firefox without exporting the chart to a new window etc. Thanks.