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  1. ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel

    Hi, sorry its took so long to reply been busy! Anyway thanks for your ajax example code it worked great for generating charts on 'postback' after the page has loaded. However I wanted to generate the chart on 'Page Load' and then on 'Postbacks' If you use RenderChartHTML on page load then you get the 'click to activate' message in IE. If you use RenderChart on page load and then RenderChart on postbacks then the postback charts don't display. However! If you use RenderChart on page load then RenderChartHTML on any postback then all problems are solved. Not sure if there's an easier way around this but at least it works and I'm happy.
  2. ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel

    Sorry I must have misunderstood your solution, I am actually using the FusionCharts.dll and the examples so I have something like this in HTML <%=GetChart()%> and code behind Public function GetChart() as string Dim strXML as string = GetChartData(DateRange) return FusionCharts.RenderChart("fusioncharts/FCF_Column2D.swf","",strXML,"Chart1", "200","100", false,true) end function Works fine first time but not on ajax async postback, not sure how i can use your javascript solution code.
  3. ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel

    Thanks for your help on this but how do I implement your Tip #1? Where do I put this javascript? thanks