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  1. Download without right click on Chart

    Hi Team, Thanks for reply, Actually im using the below functions exportChart and FC_Exported . When i use button onclick im calling exportchart() which intern calls FC_Exported(objRtn) , but when i use it onload=exportchart() of body tag it gets called before page gets loaded and it doesnt call FC_Exported(objRtn) . Suggest me how to use thos functions. function exportChart() { var chartObject=getChartFromId("graph1"); if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) chartObject.exportChart({exportFormat:'JPEG'}); } function FC_Exported(objRtn){ if (objRtn.statusCode=="1"){ alert("The chart was successfully saved on server. The file can be accessed from " + objRtn.fileName); }else{ alert("The chart could not be saved on server. There was an error. Description : " + objRtn.statusMessage); } } Im attaching the jsp page of mine Thanks, Ravi Krish
  2. Capturing multiple charts in single PDF/Image

    Hi Team, I've done multiple charts downloading at client side but when i save them instead of 3 charts it is showing one more chart in pdf/jpg/png format. While displaying in jsp page it shows 3 charts but after downloading them its shows 4 charts. could u suggest me where i went wrong. Thanks in advance, Ravi
  3. Download without right click on Chart

    Hi Team, Is there any way to call exportChart() after loading the page to save the chart on server side. i dont want to click on any button nor right click. ive tried calling exportchart() at the end of body tag but no luck it is getting called before the chart is rendered. is there any param of jsp include along with those eight param to call this function when page is loaded. Please suggest me. Thanks in advance, Krish
  4. Hi Team, i'm able to download the chart on server by right clicking on chart. But on load of page it does not capture the chart how can i invoke the fuinction FC_Exported(objRtn) after page loads. As i'm using jsp:include to display the chart is there any method where i can call the function when page is loaded. Thanks, Ravi Krish.
  5. Increase Chart capturing size

    Hi Team, Thanks for your reply. Regards, Ravi Krish
  6. Hi Team, As the chart captures certain region when saving/downloading .I want to increase the region so that i can capture some more components which exists in my page. Any suggestion, Regards, Ravi Krish
  7. Adding comments to Chart

    HI Team, Thanks for response,that means it only captures chart information. Regards, Ravi Krish
  8. Adding comments to Chart

    Hi Team, I've added comments in jsp page to the chart ,but as per the download it captures only chart but not comments which are could you suggest me how to append comments to chart. Regards Ravi Krish
  9. Hi Team, Thanks i've resolved the issue. Regards Ravi Krish
  10. Hi Team, Can i increase the thickness line for mutli series line chart, how ever each line is of different color but when they are overlapped i find it difficult to identify them. Regards, Ravi Krish
  11. Hi Team, Thanks for the great support i had till now. Could you suggest me how to save a chart when page gets loaded without any manual intervention chart should be saved at server side in PDF/Image format. Regards, Ravi Krish
  12. Capturing multiple charts in single PDF/Image

    Hi Team, I got it, able to download mutliple charts . Thanks for Great support. Plz let me know if in future version' s if you have a functionality to send mail. I'll be happy to hear from you. Thanks Once again. Regards, Ravi Krish
  13. Capturing multiple charts in single PDF/Image

    Hi Team, Sorry i responded late, I've problem it is capturing the 3 charts but not able to show in download list. Suggest me. thanks in Advance, Ravi Krish
  14. Capturing multiple charts in single PDF/Image

    Hi Team, Or else tell me the procedure for client side export Regards, Ravi Krish
  15. Capturing multiple charts in single PDF/Image

    Hi Team, I'm using server side export. Regards, Ravi Krish