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  1. Hi Basundhara, I'm using PHP and FusionChartsExportComponent.js Maybe you will have some suggestions on this also....I want to export the charts on the sever (jpg or pdf) and then combine that with a pdf of the data columns with one click of a button. right now I'm using html2pdf to create the PDF of the data portion on the webpage. thank you for your time and help. Pat
  2. trying to export charts to .jpg (server side) I had it working but now I get this error after clicking export button-> Error: missing : after property id Source Code: try { __flash__toXML(myCallBackFunction(({statusMessage:undefined,statusCode:undefined,fileName:"null",height:0,width:0,FusionCharts/:"null",DOMId:"chart0"}))) ; } catch (e) { ""; } thanks for looking. Pat
  3. Hello Rajroop, Do you have any examples with this (invoke the JavaScript API to automatically start the export process)? Sometimes I can have up to 5 charts on one page and I'm worried that the user will not scroll for them to all render. I also had another question if you don't mind. on my page i'm exporting my charts on the server side and saving them as images (because when I export out to PDF the charts are really big and don't fit in the page) but as an image it is fine. I want to merge the images with a PDF I created with data... all with one click of a button . do you have any examples of someone doing this using PHP? any help with these questions is appreciated!!!! thanks, Pat
  4. Batch Export for Server Side

    Hello, I have 4 charts on a page that I want to merge together "batch" as a PDF and save on the server with one click of a button. Can you please help me with that using PHP? thank you for your time. pat
  5. Hello, does anyone know what this error means -> $errMessages [404 ] = " Export Resource not found." ; thank you,