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  1. Font style

    can someone help me to find out how i can change the font styles to be bold on value and category. it will be nice to have some examples for how it works in xml. <graph caption='' xAxisName='Politiske partier' canvasBgColor='FFFFFF' canvasBaseColor='666666' hovercapbgColor='FFFFFF' hovercapborder='F47E00' numberSuffix='%25' baseFontSize='12' canvasBgDepth='0' canvasBaseDepth='2' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='' formatNumber='0' formatNumberScale='1' decimalSeparator='.' decimalPrecision="1" > <categories> <category name='A' /> <category name='B' /> <category name='C' /> <category name='F' /> <category name='K' /> <category name='O' /> <category name='V' /> <category name='Y' /> <category name='