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  1. Bar Chart X Axis Values Repeating

    ok, it seems by using numDivLines=0 yAxisMaxValue=1 it works for me
  2. Bar Chart X Axis Values Repeating

    Thanks for your repose. This doesn't work for me unfortunately as these values should only be represented as whole numbers. I'm currently trying to figure out ways to make this work when there is only a value of 1 in the chart. I have used the attribute numDivLines=0 which almost works except the bar doesn't reach the top of the chart.
  3. Bar Chart X Axis Values Repeating

    I have a small issue with a bar chart I am producing. It pulls data from a database and sometimes there is not much data to present and the X Axis values seem to be repeating and then the bar ends up in an unusual position.. I've attached the XML to show you the problem. I'm not sure if there is some attribute I've missed, but as you can see the X Axis presents the values of 0 0 1 1 1 2 and the bars end up in an unusual position. Is there a way I can ensure for this chart doesn't repeat those X Axis values? Thanks Peter fcbarxml.rtf
  4. 2D Dual Y Combination Chart Error

    Thankyou for your response.
  5. 2D Dual Y Combination Chart Error

    Hi I have a minor error with one of these charts and was hoping someone could help I've attached my XML. The chart is working fine except for one thing. When you mouse over the Area (named 'Expenses' in my chart) the tooltip for that Area doesn't change to the appropriate value. The mouse over tooltip for the Line (Margin) and the Column (Revenue) changes just fine. I've compared the XML to that in one of the gallery charts and can't figure out why it's not working. I've recently updated all the SWF files in our installation as well. Can anyone help? Thanks fcxml.rtf
  6. Hi I have a two minor formatting issues which I haven't been able to figure out. I have a Multi Series Combination Dual Y chart working similar to this one in the gallery: There's a Y-Axis that is a line which represents a Profit Margin. It should be a percentage. I haven't been able to figure out how to show the percentage on the tooltip when you mouse over the line to have a suffix of '%'. I know how to get the '%' on both the graph and the tooltip but not on the tooltip alone. Can anyone advise me how to do this? Secondly, I noticed in the gallery sample the Key has small symbols next to the Revenue, Profit and Quanitity labels which represent how the series is represented (ie; as a bars, line or area). How can I get my key to do the same thing. My Key just shows small square blocks of colour. Thanks for your help Peter
  7. Php Class Addchartdatafromarray And Tooltext

    Seems like I have solved this now. Isn't it always after you post the question you figure out the answer.
  8. Hi There I am producing a simple bar chart and would like to have tooltext over the bars. Is there a way using the PHP Class and addChartDataFromArray to do this? I understand I can add tooltext in other ways but I am producing a number of different charts using addChartDataFromArray and it would be convenient if I could add tooltext in that way. Thanks Pete
  9. Bar 3D

    I've tried using the MSBar3D to create a 3D single series bar chart and it works, but the colours of all the bars are the same. I'm not sure yet how to ensure the colours of each bar are different with a single series multiseries bar chart. Any ideas?