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  1. Scrollcolumn2D Bar Width Widest

    Hello Support Please go through the image attached which shows such widest bar when it is single on the screen. It looks very weird to the end users. In one of the page, I have the width of the chart almost max limit, in that it shows very pathetic look of the graph. I want to maintain the consistency of the bar width when it is single or more than it. It should remain same through out all bars. Please suggest me the settings for it.
  2. Doughnut Chart Not Positioning

    Thanks Angshu In my case, I have only space of 300 by 300, so I need to place the Doughnut chart appropriate to the width and height hence the diameter of the chart should be small. Please give me the solution how to make the diameter small of the doughnut chart?
  3. Doughnut Chart Not Positioning

    Hello Support Please find the attached image, which will give the actual error which we are facing. The doughnut chart is not able to position that is x,y positions or Left,Top I want the chart to be in center of the screen.
  4. Angular Guage Issue

    Dear Support I have used AngularGuage Chart, but the graph shows some dis-alignment of the circles (For reference, Please see the attached image). I have tried may possible values but still yet not found the exact parameter and attribute to do so. Second, I have only 300px X 300px space, Hence I need to make it small. To make it small can you please suggest me the parameters and values to be passed.
  5. Fusioncharts Integration With Wpf Application

    How can one integrate the fusion charts with normal windows application?
  6. Hello Support I want to know that I have WPF Application in which one of my feature need to display the fusionchart(It can be any fusionchart). Is this possible ? Is yes then please let me know the references and examples or tutorials.
  7. Scrollcombidy2D Dataset Problem

    Will these changes would be incorporated in next release or it would remain as it is?
  8. Scrollcombidy2D Dataset Problem

    Hello Support Please find my scenarios in which one of my dataset shows timings in hour:minute:second in value. Now my value is : 01:18:43 how to plot these value? User should be able to view the values in 01:18:43 and not 78.43 Can anyone suggest me related to these if someone has faced same prob? Thanks Asif
  9. Dear All, I have used the ScrollCombiDY2D chart in which I have kept slantLabels='1' rotateLabels='1', Now the issue is my first label on X-Axis is cut down since it is slanted down. it shows only half of the full text ie AMERICA it shows only RICA. How to sort out this issue? Regards ASIF
  10. Problem In Scrollcombi2D.swf On Dataset Values

    Thanks for your instant support!! I have used <tooltext> inside <set> attribute and it has worked. But on my graph it show like 97.11 seconds which it should show in hh:mm:ss ie 0:1:37, for this thing what should I set in chart or set attribute. please tell me.
  11. Problem In Scrollcombi2D.swf On Dataset Values

    The graph is plotted but it should show the value in hh:mm:ss when mouse is hovered on
  12. Dear All, I have used ScrollCombi2D.swf in which my xml generated is <chart showBorder='0' bgColor='E9E9E9' xAxisName='Months' yAxisName='Time(In Minutes)' palette='2' rotateNames='0' animation='1' numdivlines='4' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize='12' useRoundEdges='0' legendBorderAlpha='0' formatNumberScale='0'> <categories> <category name='Jan'/> <category name='Feb'/> <category name='March'/> <category name='April'/> <category name='May'/> </categories> <dataset Color='D0342D' showValues='1' seriesname='Average Time1' renderAs='Column'> <set value='0:6:9' /> <set value='0:7:7' /> <set value='0:11:28' /> <set value='0:10:30' /> <set value='0:10:2' /> </dataset> <dataset Color='8BBA00' showValues='1' seriesname='Average Time2' renderAs='Column'> <set value='0:0:59' /> <set value='0:1:11' /> <set value='0:0:59' /> <set value='0:1:2' /> <set value='0:0:45' /> </dataset> </chart> No bar is shown in the graph. I don't know what is matter is it related with data like 0:10:15 (hh:mm:ss) Please suggest I want to display data in hh:mm:ss only How to do this.
  13. FusionChart Hides other controls

    Thanks Supreme Being I have made the chart Transparent. Thanks a lot for your support. Regards Asif
  14. Hi all, I have used FusionChart in one of chart viewing module in which I have used Bar Chart and Pie Chart. User select an Date from calendar and according to that date data loads in respective charts. My query is when any user goes for date selection from calendar, calendar opens for date selection but it hides under chart control and it is partially visible for user. How to overcome this weird problem? PLease get me sort it out. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Asif