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  1. Hi Basu, yes, that will definately works. but the sad part is, this solution required user's input instead of system. so my final question, is this 1 of the limitation of this free version FusionChart? thank you so much for responding.
  2. sorry, forgot to attach the screenshot zip file.
  3. thank you for you reply. but do help me to understand where did i do wrong on below steps: (please refer attachment, is the steps that i did) 1) click on the url : 2) click on the "Export Chart", and it will capture the data. 3) after finish capture the data, a "Save" button will appear along with the file format that you wanted to save into. 4) i click "Save", and the save dialog box prompt with the default file name, "FusionCharts". (note: the name is without any extension as the end of file as i turn ON the "Hide extension" setting on my folder option) 5) then i rename it to "newfile". (note: i also name it without the extension), and i click "Save" button. 6) wala~ the "newfile" become an unknown file format. since we are refering to the same code program, please guide me, which steps did i do wrong that causing the file become unknown file format after i rename the default file name. thank you so much , looking for your reply.
  4. Hi All, i do face the same problem. after generate the chart to any type, i save the file. during saving process, a dialog box will appear to allow me to pick a destination of this storage. i try to change the default file name, change it to anything other than the default file name, and click save. the file will become an unknown file format. example can get from this link: after access to this link, please click on "export" button and click "save" button, then follow by changing the file name (turn on the HIDE EXTENSION in ur folder option setting) the end, the file will become an unknown file format. you still can view the file by adding in the extension MANUALLY. ps: u need to set your folder option to hide the file extension before the renaming process. i really hope that i can get some ans from here..many thanks for any replies / guidance...thank you..