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  1. Hi friends, I want to change the color of values for the chart and the color of caption of chart, but how should i go through this i don't know. Please let me know. Thanks in Advance. Manoj Gupta.
  2. Funnel Chart Not Takin Decimal Values

    Hi Basundhra, I got the solution for this i set decimal = 2 and forcedecimal =1 Thanks for your reply. Manoj.
  3. Funnel Chart Not Takin Decimal Values

    Hi Basundhra, following is the xml which i using for funnel chart. <chart decimals='0' streamlinedData='0' bgcolor='E9E9E9' formatNumberScale='0' baseFontSize='12' isSliced='0' useSameSlantAngle='1' isHollow='0' labelDistance='0'> <set label='Dubai' value='01.53'/> <set label='Mumbai' value='01.78'/> </chart> Thanks & Regards Manoj.
  4. hi friends, I am using funnel chart and showing time value as but mine funnel chart does not showing me correct value. If it is 01.78 its round of it and shows 2. I am sending a attach file of my funnel chart in that the red circle show round off values it should show me 1)1.73,1.58 but its round off the value, PFA. Thanks in advance. Thanks & Regards Manoj
  5. hi friends!!!!!! i have a datatable having data fetch from database but i am unable to create the dataset for xml bcoz sometime my dataset (Service Name) reapiting twise or more then thrice unable to fit it in category below is my datatable Service name Month count Account Holder January 2 Account Holder July 1 Account Holder June 3752 Account Holder October 1 Corporate Service August 2 Corporate Service January 3 Corporate Service July 3 Corporate Service June 1272 Corporate Service October 1 Customer Services July 1 Customer Services June 698 Sales Services July 2 Sales Services June 21 Services Details June 41 VIP July 1 VIP June 2 please suggest a way to create xml ASAP Thanks in advance.