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  1. This issue has been discussed in a variety of posts for now over one month. This standard answer has been given each and every time to users who are more than familiar with the PDLC, interfacing with vendor support for critical situation resolution, etc. Yet at no time has the userbase's actual question been answered, namely whether an ETA to resolution has been developed, and if so, what that ETA actually is. (translation: actual information rather than a canned answer) 1) Given that it has been more than 30 days and the answer has not changed, are we to conclude that there is no path and no ETA? 2) If there is an ETA, would you consider pinning this or a similar thread to the highest level index page to reduce the cross posting, needless threads, etc.? 3) Most importantly, how can we help? Is there data we can provide, insights, testing, etc.