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  1. Gantt Chart Task Label Alignment

    Hi - "This feature shall be made available in the next upcoming major release of FusionCharts." - is FusionCharts v3.3.1 Sr3 the major release you spoke of?
  2. Gantt Chart Task Label Alignment

    Is there an ETA?
  3. Gantt Chart Task Label Alignment

    HI - what has become of this feature? Is it available now?
  4. Gantt Chart Task Label Alignment

    Thanks for your reply. I am aware that I cannot align task names. My question is if FusionCharts is planning on supporting such a feature in the near future.
  5. Gantt Chart Task Label Alignment

    We just want to be able to align the labels left right or center - very simple requirement I've attached the labels I'm talking about
  6. Gantt Chart Task Label Alignment

    Are there any plans to support this behaviour? If so, when?
  7. Currently task labels are center aligned - is there any way to align left or right?
  8. Yaxismin, Yaxismax

    I have the following chart data - I'm trying to get yAxisMin and yAxisMax to work. I assume it is to control the min and max value that should be shown on the chart but when I load this chart, I still see 17400. Am I misinterpreting this parameter? <graph caption='Monthly Sales Summary' subcaption='For the year 2004' xAxisName='Month' yAxisMinValue='19000' yAxisName='Sales' decimalPrecision='0' formatNumberScale='0' numberPrefix='$' showNames='1' showValues='0' showAlternateHGridColor='1' AlternateHGridColor='ff5904' divLineColor='ff5904' divLineAlpha='20' alternateHGridAlpha='5' > <set name='Jan' value='17400' hoverText='January'/> <set name='Feb' value='19800' hoverText='February'/> <set name='Mar' value='21800' hoverText='March'/> <set name='Apr' value='23800' hoverText='April'/> <set name='May' value='29600' hoverText='May'/> <set name='Jun' value='27600' hoverText='June'/> <set name='Jul' value='31800' hoverText='July'/> <set name='Aug' value='39700' hoverText='August'/> <set name='Sep' value='37800' hoverText='September'/> <set name='Oct' value='21900' hoverText='October'/> <set name='Nov' value='32900' hoverText='November' /> <set name='Dec' value='39800' hoverText='December' /> </graph>
  9. Chart height in percentage

    Hi, Just looking at the code provided, "chartHeight=33%25&" come it's 33%25?
  10. Chart height in percentage

    Is this chart sizing in percentage only available in fusioncharts v3? If so, how do I find out what version of fusion charts I am using? Edit: We have licensing for v3
  11. Chart height in percentage

    any solution to my problem?
  12. Chart height in percentage

    It's on the first post of this thread =) But here it is again fusion.txt
  13. Chart height in percentage

    unfortunately, that's not how I create my charts. How do I set it using the current code that i have attached?
  14. Chart height in percentage

    ok. how about height/width in percentage? is this supported?
  15. Chart height in percentage

    I have the following code to try and set the chart height to 33%. When I change the size of the browser window, all it does is cutoff the chart, not actually resize it to be 33%. What am I missing/doing wrong? I've attached the code as well. fusion.txt