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  1. Ok little progress ...found I can use FC_ExportReady function to determine capture is complete ... now trying to figure out how to force the Save As dialog to pop immediately from this function to save the image ...
  2. Hi, I've tested and as far as I can see FC_Rendered is fired when the graph is drawn (rendered) at load time. I need the export to only fire once I manually right click on graph and select "Save as JPEG" .. So once Capturing Data is 100% it auto pops the Save To dialog box. Tks
  3. Hi, I have managed to get the 'Save as JPEG/PNG' working which activates the 'Save' export component button. I can click this and download file as expected. I've looked through the samples and cannot find a way of combining these two i.e. once rendering complete, automatically pop up the Save As dialog box for the client to save the image locally Is this possible and if so do you kindly have a code sample that would assist ? Tks