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  1. Fusion Chart Xt Question

    Hi Swarnam, Thanks a lot. Your suggestion helped. Regards, Sarath
  2. Fusion Chart Xt Question

    Hi, We are using 3D Column fusion chart for one of our requirements. Is it possible to hide/remove the hard surface (highlighted in red) in the attached screen as this is causing confusion in some scenarios. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Sarath
  3. Powercharts Question

    Thanks Sumedh.
  4. Powercharts Question

    Hi Sashibhusan, Does Dragable 2D Charts(PowerCharts) have a scrollable option? I have requrement where I may have 120 days of data to display on x-axis and scrollable would be needed for this. Thanks, Sarath
  5. Powercharts Question

    Hi Sashibhusan, Thanks a lot for your response and answers. Thanks, Sarath
  6. Powercharts Question

    Hi, On the Dragable 2D Charts (PowerCharts), can somebody please help us on the following questions? 1. When user drags the column 2D charts to increase the value, what is the method to capture the new value after submit. 2. How can we disable editing the upper limits on the axis scale? 3. Instead of dragging the top edge of dashed column to adjust the value, Is it possible to edit and enter the new value to increate the column value just like editing the axis scale? 4. Is it possible to warn the user if he drags the column 2D charts more than allowed? Thanks, Sarath
  7. Hi All, I am quite new to this fusion charts implementation. Can anybody help me to complete Bar2D graph for multiple scenarios. I am able to draw Bar2D graph for single scenario(values in y1[]). Attached screen shots with java code for details. Screen shot below with red and yellow bars was old JCChart graph for multiple scenarios. my java code... private void loadComparisionResultGraphColumnData(BarGraph graph, double[] y1, double[] y2) throws Exception {ArrayList<BarGraphValue> graphValueList = new ArrayList(); double[][] y = {y1, y2};String[] seriesLabels = { "Scenario 1", "Scenario 2"}; try {Iterator metricsIter = graphMetricList.iterator(); int n = y1.length;n = n-1; while (metricsIter.hasNext()) {String graphMetricName = (String); graphValueList.add( new BarGraphValue(graphMetricName, new Double(y1[n--]), "56B9F9")); //graphValueList.add(new BarGraphValue(graphMetricName, new Double(y[2]), "C9198D"));} graph.setValues(graphValueList); } catch(Exception e) {Trace.write(Trace. error, "Error occured in loadComparisionResultGraphColumnData method :: TPComparisionResultGraph class."); throw new Exception(e);} } Other information: getCurrencyId : AUD getCurrencyId : AUD userId : SuperUser categoryName : Account F2M Profile categories : On-Net >60% categories : Off-Net >60% categories : Split Categories: Overall y1 -> 32.483161627329906 y1 -> 35.631429601779466 y1 -> -264.0777062315774 y1 -> -88.15067241161087 y2 -> 32.61565963064586 y2 -> 34.874386307842876 y2 -> -265.283388091254 y2 -> -89.75897980368637 priceType : Target Price comparisonMetric : 0 getCurrencyId : AUD currencyId : AUD yAxisTitle : Average % Discount off List headerText : Average % Discount off List at Target Price Appreciate your help Thanks, Sarath