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  1. Label Rotate On Heatmap

    Never mind Already found the answer. Just for the record: rotatexAxisLabels="1" slantxAxisLabels="1" -- Ricardo
  2. Label Rotate On Heatmap

    Hello. I'm using power charts v3 (HeatMap chart). According to the fusioncharts documentation it's possible to rotate the chart labels with: - labelDisplay='ROTATE' // to put them vertically - labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' // to put them in +-45º The problem is I can't put this to work with the heatmap!! There isn't any example online regarding vertical labels on heat maps but the documentation should apply to all types of charts. I've tried different combinations but none of them worked... anyone knows why? is it different on heatmaps? Thanks in advance, Ricardo
  3. Hello, I've been around the documentation but can't find how to specify different colors for divLines in a radar map. Is it possible to do? If soo, can anyone tell me how? Thanks in advance, Ricardo Seabra