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  1. iPad / iPhone and v4

    Can you clarify the timeline for FusionCharts 3.2 ?? We have a demo we need to deliver by next Thursday, and were planning to move our charting over to HighChart ... though I don't want to do that. I'd be willing to do some beta testing for you on the HTML 5 side of things. Regarding the Gantt chart, I sent an email back in Feb, which you responded to. Basically these items for the gantt chart: - Drag and drop tasks from one row to another. - Drag tasks from one time period to another. - Dynamically create a new task (drag and release). - Click on the start or end of the task to change the duration of the task. - Allow users to click or double click on tasks to create a pop-up window, to edit some properties. - Overlay of another chart type (eg, a bar or line chart) along a gantt chart. Any thoughts on these items?
  2. iPad / iPhone and v4

    We are building a "dashboard" type application, and have two questions: 1. When is the approximate release for Fusion Charts v4? We're looking forward to improvements in the gantt chart functionality. 2. Many of our users are using iPad's or iPhone's that don't have flash. What can we do with these users? Is there a way to convert the charts to images on the server side somehow, if flash isn't supported? Thanks!
  3. Gantt Charts mixed with other charts

    Can you elaborate on the other v4 features for the gantt charts? We're interested in: - Drag and drop tasks from one row to another (with some sort of JS callback to let us know that this was done) - Drag tasks from one period to another - Click on the start or end of the task to change the duration - Allowing users to click or double-click on a task to get a pop-up (ideally, one we create in JS) to change some properties Will any of this be available? What is the time frame? Any idea what the cost for upgrading from v3 to v4 will be? Thanks!
  4. We'd like to show a gantt chart, and overlay on it, or show just beneath it, a composite chart - with either a bar or a line graph on the chart. This would allow us to chart, for example, the staff needed on a project, along with indicators of activity in a line, bar, area, or bullet chart. Is this functionality that already exists, or that could be in v4? When might v4 be released? Is there any way to get a beta version of v4? We'd be happy to help bug test, etc...
  5. Clickable items .... I missed this in the documentation. Can someone point me to this please? Thanks.
  6. Gantt Chart Categories not working?

    Great. Works better now. Any ideas on my other forum topic?
  7. A few things I would love to see in the Gantt Chart, and maybe they're already there? 1. Vertical scrolling. I saw this in another post, but we'd really really like to see this in the product (we may have to go to another product for this feature alone). 2. Clickable tasks. Can we make Javascript or external calls when a task is clicked on? 3. Refresh the chart. I'd like to be able to re-load the chart with new data based on browser events (streaming won't really help much for us). Can we already do any of these? How? Thanks!
  8. I am trying to use a Gantt chart with 3 levels of categories. The top-level category is a Day, the second-level category is a "shift description", and the last is an hour-by-hour category. We are using the Gantt chart to show assigned tasks. However, I cannot get the three categories to align. Can someone help? Thanks! demo.xml