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  1. Client side exporting

    Thank you guys that was exactly what was missing! So now the export is working. The way I'm using it is that when a user runs the application all files xml, swf etc. are copied to the clients %temp% folder and run from there. And everytime a user presses an update button the .xml file is updated with new values and the page is refreshed. So I'm guessing all clients will have to enable that setting. And one other thing, "copy to clipboard" possible?
  2. Client side exporting

    Hi again Thank you for your input, I was indeed missing the exportAction='download' tag, but unfortunately that didn't help me much. I have attached a zip with all the files from my test.
  3. Client side exporting

    Anyone? I believe i have tried almost everything, and would love it if someone could perhaps point me in a direction or give me something to try.
  4. Client side exporting

    Hi I have searched the forums and tried my best to follow the guides for client side exporting, but I simply can't get it to work. I get the chart, and i get the right click options to export as jpg etc. I get the popup with capturing data going from 1% to 100% but then nothing happens. I do not see the "waiting" button or the "Save" button as shown in some screenshots. I even tried with a set of test files downloaded from here: I am using flash 10, and have tried in both IE, firefox and chrome. - A side note, insted of saving it as a jpg or file, could you get a "copy to clipboard" function also? Edit fixed the downloadlink