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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I am using pure Javascript (renderer = javascript) Gantt chart in Ruby On Rails (version 3.0.19). It looks fine in web browser. Now i want to export but i didn't want to use php on my Ruby on Rails server as instructed on this page: Instead, from my Rails controller I pull in the SVG from the return parameters (i.e. params[:stream]) and pass it to batik to convert into png file as follows ruby on rails controller code: svg_match = params[:stream].to_s.match(/<svg.*<\/svg>/) svg_text = svg_match[0] rescue params[:stream].to_s tempfile = ActiveSupport::SecureRandom.hex(16) ) tempfile.write(svg_text) output_name = Rails.root.join( "public", "exports", "gantt.png") exec_str = "java -jar #{batik_path} -m image/png -d #{output_name} #{width} #{tempfile.path}" return_val = system( exec_str ) Everything looks good except that my task bars are missing! Process names show up on the left, dates show up on the top, and even the grid background of the gantt shows up. But there no task bars. What might I be doing wrong? As a second question, didn't the returned SVG on an export used to be in a parameter called "svg" as in params[:svg]? I am using version FusionWidgets XT (v3.3.1 - Service Release 2) (28th May, 2013) NOTE: In order for Batik to not choke on the gantt chart SVG I had to disable gradients on the task bars as follows <chart plotGradientColor='' taskBarFillMix='' ...>