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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, attached is a gif of a FusionCharts linear gauge I am using. In the gif, we can see a card render with a title and education and then a few seconds later the FusionChart linear gauge appears with some salary information. I am using FusionCharts with react, and followed the tutorial for how to set up FusionCharts with react. Is there a reason for the delay? Is there any way to improve the time or work around it? Any help or explanation would be great, thank you Edit - If I set animations not to run, I get my preferred outcome for the linear gauge to appear quicker. "animation": "0" The transitions do look nice and appealing, would there be way to speed up that animation transition, or at least the initial render?
  2. Hello, I need to implement a Cylinder Gauge using reactjs, but I can't implement it correctly, you'll have an example that can help me ? Best Regards
  3. Hello, I have bought a license for FusionChart I received a zip file but when I went the site the instructions simply said: 1-create react app 2- download the dependencies "npm install fusioncharts react-fusioncharts --save" 3- then I do what is done in the last step called "Render the chart" everything works fine but now I want to use other type of charts like the nested pie chart how do I use it ?
  4. I have just started exploring Fusion Charts. The documentation is clear and I have been able to create charts using `react`. One problem that I am facing is that the scroll does not work well on a mobile device. If I have charts that are covering the entire width of the screen, how would I scroll up/down? Please see the attachment for details. I can scroll down using the white space above but not using the space below the white space.
  5. React examples not working

    No example charts from FusionWidgetsXT are working. It returns "Chart type not supported" on the UI && "Uncaught SntaxError: Unexpected token < fusioncharts.widgets.js:1" on the browser console.