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Found 1 result

  1. I am plotting a multiseries chart using data from database in java . The Chart attributes that I put are as follows: I have around 2880 points to plot.(Atleast 1000 minimum) for which i need scrollbars. currently the poits are all clustered and not visible. chartConfig.put("theme", "fusion"); chartConfig.put("caption", "Countries With Most Oil Reserves [2017-18]"); chartConfig.put("subCaption", "In MMbbl = One Million barrels"); chartConfig.put("xAxisName", "Country"); chartConfig.put("yAxisName", "Reserves (MMbbl)"); chartConfig.put("linethickness", "3"); chartConfig.put("flatScrollBars", "1"); chartConfig.put("scrollheight", "10"); chartConfig.put("numVisiblePlot", "12"); chartConfig.put("showHoverEffect", "1"); chartobj.put("paletteColors", "#0075c2,#1aaf5d"); chartobj.put("bgcolor", "#ffffff"); chartobj.put("showBorder", "1"); categories.add(buildCategories("datetime", rs, gson)); dataset.add(buildDataset("Y_actual","y_actual", rs1, gson)); dataset.add(buildDataset("Y_hat", "y_predicted", rs2, gson)); dataMap.put("chart", gson.toJson(chartobj)); dataMap.put("categories", gson.toJson(categories)); dataMap.put("dataset", gson.toJson(dataset)); FusionCharts mslineChart= new FusionCharts( "msline",// chartType "chart1",// chartId "700","400",// chartWidth, chartHeight "chart",// chartContainer "json",// dataFormat gson.toJson(dataMap) //dataSource ); Scrollbar is not getting implemented in the chart . kindly suggest.