Actionscript question:Casting to / from different map types

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Can I create a generic Map object, then cast it into the version I need? The following code runs, but the map is not attached. I don't think the cast works in this scenario?




//----- preloading / application messages --------------------------//

#include "com/fusionmaps/includes/LoadingFunctions.as"

#include "com/fusionmaps/includes/AppMessages.as"

import com.fusionmaps.core.Map;

import com.fusionmaps.maps.World8Map;

//----- Main() --------------------------//

var mapContainer_mc:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("MapHolder", 1);

var xml_obj:XML = XML(LoadMapXml("World8Map.xml"));

var newMap_obj:World8Map = World8Map(CreateMap(mapContainer_mc));



//----- create map -------------------------------------------------//

function CreateMap(mapContainer_mc:MovieClip):Map {

map_obj = new Map(mapContainer_mc, 1, 740, 420, 26, 26, true, "EN", "exactFit");

return map_obj;


//----- load xml file  ---------------------------------------------//

function LoadMapXml(file_str:String) {

var xml_obj:XML = new XML();

xml_obj.ignoreWhite = true;


xml_obj.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {

	if (success) {

		return xml_obj;







Any suggestions?




Thank you!






-- Tara Deschenes


Technimedia, LLC

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