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Tony Shorter

Rendering Charts Inside Javascript Tabs Or Accordians

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I have the full versions of fusioncharts


How can I get charts to render inside of tabs or accordian tabs that were written javascript? I can get the charts to render inside html tables but not javascript.



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Here's what I'm looking to do with fusioncharts inside of a tab or accordion structure:


Tab 1 is 3 level drilldown (PieChart > StackColumnChart > PieChart)

Tab 2 is 2 level drilldown (PieChart > Column)

Tab 3 is 2 level drilldown (StackColumnChart > StackColumnChart)


As you can see I'm not only linking charts but also changing swf files in the same tab. I would prefer the layout to be 2 containers but 1 container will do.

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Yes, FusionCharts can render inside tabs and accordian.


For a quick example, please have a look at tab.

Ref.- or


Please note that the Drill-down implementation is same for any chart in a single tab.


Please try using Linked charts to drill-down to several levels using different SWF files and configure specific properties for the descendant charts using "configureLink()" function.


For further details on the Linked charts, please refer to the following links.


Also, please refer to the Multi-level LinkedCharts samples with the help of the following link.

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