Javascript Link Halted Animation

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I created a 3d pie chart, and implement a link that call javascript., basically like this


{"color":"2675B4","value":2,"label":"Asuransi Jiwa","link":"javascript:Dashboard.RencanaPemeriksaan.updateChart('Asuransi Jiwa')"}

the call to the function execute perfectly but then the animation on the chart is not showing.



I see that it disable the "Slicing movement" and enable link. but when i enable the slicing movement, the link became disabled. Is there any way to do both ?



UPDATE: My apology to post this question, doing some further digging on the forum I found this thread already answer my question,


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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


Glad to know that you have managed to resolve your problem.


Happy FusionCharting! biggrin.gif

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