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Example Real-Time Line (Dual Y)

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Hi there,

I'm a newbie with this software,just yesterday get to know and try this kind of software.

quite interesting and its challenging me to understand XML language that I never learned before.


I'm going to develop Real-time Line (Dual Y) which using php mysql as data backend.

I already try and run the example of Real-time Line (Dual Y) in d doc, but it just use the random data not extract from database(mysql)

Currently, the blueprint application (example in php mysql that I've downloaded) does not have d example Real-time Line (Dual Y).


I try to manipulate the example has given, but hard for me to manipulate it to do in Real-time Line (Dual Y).

So,anyone here have done it before and any example that I can refer straightly.

Thank u very much for your kindness to help me.

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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


I am afraid, as of now, we do not have a sample using real time data from database. But, the process remains same; Instead of generating random data, all you would need to connect database, query data and form querystring response.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Angshu for d feedback.


Ok,if so.

Based on my understanding, before I create real time chart using php mysql,

here is the list of file/folder I need to copy from d example (blueprint):

1-_mmServerScripts folder

2-charts folder

3-Includes (change the dbconnection) folder

4-JSClass folder

5-Default.php - this one as a main page right,then I need to make a changes.

6-DataGen.php - the query data inside this page right, so I just change based on my requirement right?

but,how about the function which using XML language inside, I'm not very undertand

when to apply with the realtime.could u help me?

7-LibFunctions.php - no need to change right?

8-Utilities.php - no need to change right?


ok thanks a lot! :)

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Okay,here I try the simple one, I'm not sure its right or wrong.

But,through all these codes, The data not run n display based what I want.

Actually, I want to display the status of car In/Out on current date (shows daily transaction) in every minute.

This data it just retrieve from table include time IN/OUT of that car.


XML Page



<chart caption='Status Car In/Out' subCaption='Daily Transaction' dataStreamURL='IparkTransaction.php' refreshInterval='60' numberPrefix='' setAdaptiveYMin='1' xAxisName='Time' showRealTimeValue='1' realTimeValuePadding='50' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1'>



<dataset seriesName='In' showValues='0'>


<dataset seriesName='Out' showValues='0'>




<style type='font' name='captionFont' size='14' />



<apply toObject='Caption' styles='captionFont' />

<apply toObject='Realtimevalue' styles='captionFont' />






PHP page







//Get date Today - date format 2011-11-04

$dateTodayLabel = date("yy-d-m");


//Get label for the data - time in format hh:mn:ss

$dateTimeLabel = date('h:i:s');


// extract pertinent data from dataset

// we will get

$strSQLIn ="select count(EventTrans) where EventTrans = 'IN' and DateTrans=" . $_REQUEST['dateTodayLabel'] . " ";

$strSQLOut ="select count(EventTrans) where EventTrans = 'OUT' and DateTrans=" . $_REQUEST['dateTodayLabel'] . " ";


// execure SQL to create recordset

$resultIn=mysql_query($strSQLIn) or die(mysql_error());

$resultOut=mysql_query($strSQLOut) or die(mysql_error());


//Now write it to output stream

print "&label=" . $dateTimeLabel . "In=" . $resultIn . "Out" . $resultOut;




HTML page





<TITLE>FusionWidgets v3 - Multiple dataset example</TITLE>

<script type="text/javascript" src="../Charts/FusionCharts.js"></script>




<div id="chart1div">

This text is replaced by the Flash movie.


<script type="text/javascript">

var chart1 = new FusionCharts("../Charts/RealTimeLine.swf", "ChId1", "500", "350", "0", "0");







And also I attached print screen on display page and my table.




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