Upgrading Drag Node Powercharts Issue

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Trying to Upgrade to 3.2.1 but I'm getting No javascript callback for below code.


if(Util.hasFlash()){ FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('flash');

}else{ FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript');alert(2)}

chart = new FusionCharts("../PowerChart/Charts/DragNode.swf", "TEST", "500", chartHeight, "0", "1");




<chart use3DLighting="1" xAxisMinValue="0" xAxisMaxValue="500" yAxisMinValue="0" yAxisMaxValue="150" borderAlpha ="0" bubbleScale="3" is3D="1" numDivLines="0" showFormBtn="0" showLabels="0" showBorder="0" showPlotBorder="0" bgColor="FFFFFF" borderColor="FFFFFF" canvasBorderColor="FFFFFF" borderThickness ="0" enableLink="1" labelDisplay="WRAP" ><dataset plotborderAlpha="100" allowDrag="1"><set x="320" y="150" width="200" height="16" alpha="0" color="FFFFFF" name="avr phani" id="0" imageurl="" imageNode="1" imageAlign="bottom" imageHeight="16" imageWidth="42" /><set x="20" y="125" toolText="John W. Marren" width="48" height="95" alpha="0" labelAlign="bottom" color="FFFFFF" label="John W. Marren" link="profile.jsp?Id=50634" id="1" imageurl="/images/small/photo_not_available_small.gif" imageNode="1" imageAlign="top" imageHeight="55" imageWidth="40" /><set x="320" y="94" width="30" height="30" alpha="0" color="FFFFFF" name="Years: 2001 - 2011<BR>Companies: MEMC Electronic Materials<BR>Relationship: Affiliated for 11 years (from 2001 to 2011) at MEMC <BR>Electronic Materials; John W. as Director and Douglas <BR>as Director." id="3" imageurl="/wa/images/Read-See-View.png" imageNode="1" imageAlign="bottom" imageHeight="30" imageWidth="30" /><set x="320" y="15" toolText="Douglas Marsh" width="56" height="95" alpha="0" labelAlign="bottom" color="FFFFFF" label="Douglas Marsh" link="_profile.jsp?Id=50635" id="2" imageurl="/images/small/photo_not_available_small.gif" imageNode="1" imageAlign="top" imageHeight="55" imageWidth="40" /></dataset><connectors color="CCCCCC" stdThickness="8" labelDisplay="WRAP"><connector strength="0.55" from="0" to="1" arrowAtStart="0" arrowAtEnd="1"/><connector strength="0.55" from="1" to="3" arrowAtStart="0" arrowAtEnd="1"/><connector strength="0.55" from="3" to="2" arrowAtStart="0" arrowAtEnd="1"/></connectors><styles> <definition> <style name="name" type="font" isHTML="1" color="0082c8" bgColor="FFFFFF"/> <style name="desc" type="font" isHTML="1" bgColor="FFFFFF"/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="DATALABELS" styles="name"/> <apply toObject="TOOLTIP" styles="desc"/> <apply toObject="CONNECTORLABELS" styles="desc"/> </application></styles></chart>




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It seems that either you are using the old SWF and JS files that does not support the JavaScript Fallback feature on the Drag Node chart. Please note that PowerCharts v3.2 supports the JavaScript rendering feature.


For rendering JavaScript charts, FusionCharts make use of "Higncharts.js" and "jquery.min.js". These files are present in "Charts" folder of the Download Pack. It is very important that you keep these files in the same folder as "FusionCharts.js".

You do not need to load these files explicitly in HTML. FusionCharts.js automatically takes care of the loading.


Hope this helps. :)

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