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Chart With Datatable Possible In Fusion Chart?

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Microsoft excel have the datatable option. please refer the attachent.


Is any version of fusion chart supports DataTable ?.




Thanks & Regards,

gunasekaran v



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Guest Angshu



Thanks for your post.



FusionCharts Grid Component helps you display single series FusionCharts data in a tabular format. You can combine the grid component with any single series chart to form a good looking combo.


The salient features are:


1.Uses the same single series XML/JSON structure as any other FusionCharts chart. So, your chart and grid can use the same XML/JSON data source.


2. Allows client side paging of data. So, your users can iterate through different pages of tabular data without having to refresh the page.


3. Uses cosmetic properties from the chart XML/JSON data by default. However, you can over-ride the cosmetic properties specified in XML/JSON document by specifying individual properties for the Grid component.


For more details, please visit the links below:


Hope this helps.


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