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Change The Actual Graphic On Linkedchart

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Hi, I have this code, but when I apply this on linkedchart XML, the graphic is reloaded completely, but I wish only change the actual graphic. For example: If I click in the graphic and showme a new graphic, I want to change only the actual graphic.





       <script type="text/javascript" src="FusionCharts.js"></script>


				     <input type="button" value="Bar" onClick="changeChart('bar')" > <input type="button" value="Pie" onClick="changeChart('pie')" >
                       <div id="chartContainer">FusionCharts will load here</div>

                       <script type="text/javascript"><!--

						function changeChart(x)
							var charts = { bar : "Bar2D.swf", pie : "Pie3D.swf"};
							var chartXML ="";

							if( FusionCharts ("myChartId") ) {
								chartXML = FusionCharts ("myChartId").getXMLData();
								FusionCharts ("myChartId").dispose();
							var myChart = new FusionCharts( charts[x.toLowerCase()], "myChartId", "400", "300", "0", "1" );

								myChart.setXMLData( chartXML );
								myChart.setXMLUrl( "Data.xml" );
							myChart.render( "chartContainer" );

                           // -->


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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi avefenix,


Thanks for the post.


Can you clarify more by providing screenshot of what you have and what you want to get ?

If I will consider, you wish to get a new pop up window while clicking the graphic to show new graphic, then go to the below link:


I hope this will help you.


Happy FusionCharting :D

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