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Can't Display Chart With Quote In Name

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I ran a simple SQL query in a Dreamweaver CS4 recordset:


"SELECT DISTINCT tclCustomers.CustomerName, SUM(tblARInvoiceDetailTemp.Quantity) AS sumquant

FROM tblCustomers, tblARInvoiceDetailTemp

WHERE tblCustomers.CustomerID=tblARInvoiceDetailTemp.CustomerID

GROUP BY tblCustomers.CustomerName"


The problem is that in the table tblCustomers, the field CustomerName contains names like "John's Pizzeria", with a single quote.

When I create a FusionCharts chart, it takes the field CustomerName as category, but is unable to display it properly as there is a single quote in some of the names.


I tried to modify the file with the replace(string, " ' ", " ' ' ") function, but it still doesn't work.


Many thanks for your help!



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