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any one help please i am using FCF_MSColumn3DLineDY char i like to export the chart to pdf but it say no data foung.

Server side is PHP i getting EMl is

<chart caption='test' xAxisName='Grade' pYAxisName='Total' numberPrefix='' sNumberSuffix='' useRoundEdges='1' bgColor='FFFFFF,FFFFFF' showBorder='0' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportHandler='fcExporter1' >

<categories >

<category name='C' />

<category name='D' />

<category name='F' />

</categories><dataset seriesName='No of student' showValues='0' color='AFD8F8' ><set value='7' />

<set value='4' /><set value='15' /></dataset>

<dataset seriesName='Total Number of Student' parentYAxis='S' color='F6BD0F' ><set value='7' />

<set value='4' /><set value='15' />


then i am using this content in client




var myChart3 = new FusionCharts("../../../Charts/FCF_MSColumn3DLineDY.swf", "myChartId3", "400", "300", "0", "1");



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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


I am afraid, FusionCharts free does not support exporting charts as image/PDF, as of now.


Please download the latest version of FusionCharts i.e FusionCharts XT Service Release 1 from: http://www.fusioncha...ownload/trials/ to avail the export feature.


Hope this helps.

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