Multi-Axis Error With Negative Values Js Rendering

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Hello Forum,


I haven't be able to plot negative values on a multi-axis line chart in forced javascript rendering.


The same XML data rendered in Flash works, but switching to javascript throws "g.yAxis[0].plotLines is undefined in FusionCharts.js line 15" (firebug)


Attached is the Power Generator XML example modified with negative values and added yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValue.


Your help is appreciated,



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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


Please note that starting FusionCharts XT, the JavaScript files which handle JavaScript chart rendering for each of our products (FusionCharts, PowerCharts) are segregated. FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js handles rendering of all FusionCharts JavaScript charts. FusionCharts.HC.PowerCharts.js handles rendering of all PowerCharts JavaScript charts. FusionCharts.HC.PowerCharts.js is updated in the PowerCharts pack. You would need to download or update to the latest PowerCharts pack and copy and use FusionCharts.HC.PowerCharts.js from the Charts folder of the downloaded PowerCharts pack.


To download the latest PowerCharts pack, please visit: http://www.fusioncha...ownload/trials/


Hope this helps.

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