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A Server-Side Export Issue

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i got a problem here, that we need to support server side report exporting without any client operation, it's a server-side scheduled task, so what i suposed to do?


Any body would give me an advice? Thanks

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Greetings! smile.gif


You can export charts using server-side exporting without client process :


Refer the following link for your reference:



This will help you.


Have a great day! smile.gif


Thanks for replying.


But still, it could not do "scheduled task", which means the report file should be created all by my server side application.


My server side is a java application, so i need a java model of fusioncharts for creating a chart and embeding the chart image into a PDF or excel file.


How does that work?

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Guest Sumedh

Hi smile.gif


I am sorry to say, but we don't have Java based server-side Image saver assembly, as of now.


As a work-around you can try our third-party application which is in PHP.


Refer the following links for your reference:


Hope this helps.


Have A Great Day smile.gif

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