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I can't remove the debug code please help me below is the code. the chart is working but it is always showing debug mode


PHP Code


<?php $strXML = "<chart caption='Day To Month Chart' decimalPrecision='' showNames='1' formatNumberScale='1' showValues='1'>"; ?>
<?php foreach($chart_monthly_watched_videos_data as $chart_monthly_watched_videos_data_results1): ?>
$chardollers1 = $chart_monthly_watched_videos_data_results1['newmembers'];
//Iterate through each facter
$the_row = $chart_monthly_watched_videos_data_results1["DATE_FORMAT( FROM_UNIXTIME( addtime ) , '%d' )"];
$strXML .= "<set name='" . $the_row . "' value='". $chardollers1 . "'" . " />";
//Finally, close <graph> element
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php $strXML .= "</chart>";?>
//Create the chart - Pie 3D Chart with data from $strXML
echo renderChart("", "", $strXML, "myFirst", 620, 220,"dataFormat");


Generated Code

<div id="myFirstDiv" align="center"><object id="myFirst" class="FusionCharts" width="620" lang="EN" height="220" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=""><param name="scaleMode" value="noScale"><param name="scale" value="noScale"><param name="wMode" value="transparent"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><param name="quality" value="best"><param name="flashvars" value="lang=EN&debugMode=1&scaleMode=noScale&DOMId=myFirst&registerWithJS=1&chartWidth=620&chartHeight=220&InvalidXMLText=Invalid   data.&dataXML=%3Cchart%20caption%3D'Day%20To%20Month%20Chart'%20decimalPrecision%3D''%20showNames%3D'1'%20formatNumberScale%3D'1'%20showValues%3D'1'%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'01'%20value%3D'4'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'02'%20value%3D'10'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'03'%20value%3D'7'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'04'%20value%3D'6'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'05'%20value%3D'4'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'06'%20value%3D'5'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'07'%20value%3D'2'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'08'%20value%3D'6'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'09'%20value%3D'12'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'10'%20value%3D'7'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'11'%20value%3D'7'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'12'%20value%3D'3'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'13'%20value%3D'5'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'14'%20value%3D'11'%20%2F%3E%3Cset%20name%3D'15'%20value%3D'4'%20%2F%3E%3C%2Fchart%3E&dataURL="></object></div>

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Guest Sashibhusan



Thank you for the post.


To disable debug mode you have to pass the corrosponding parameter in the renderChart (); function which is shown as below:

echo renderChart("", "", $strXML, "myFirst", 620, 220, false, true); // false (Boolean value) to disable debug window (you have to follow the same order of passing parameters) 

It seems that you are passing "dataFormat" for debug mode, FusionCharts treating it as a string which is Boolean true. So always showing debug mode.


For more information on "Basic Example > renderChart() Parameters and Description", please follow the link below:



I hope I am able to clarify myself.

Edited by Sashibhusan

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