Dynamic Y Axis With Same Xml Data

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If I want to generate fusion chart which will have same category axis .

I've 2 tabs in which I want to show 2 different charts and both will have same category but y axis is going to be different.

To avoid 2 server calls I'm creating xml from server which have data for both the charts but depending on some parameter I want to disable one chart in 1st tab and other in 2nd.

So that I can use same xml and I don't need to create xml again and I can create 2 charts having same category axis.

Is there any such way ? Can you plz provide example ?

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Guest Sumedh



It is not possible to display one dataset from an XML into other tab.


However, you can generate data depending upon the parameters for plotting charts.


Also note, you would need to write your own logic for the customized implementation.


Thanks for your time and support.

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