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Hi all,


I am using african map named 'FCMap_Africa.swf' , to show content i need id of the countries like Libya, Egypt .

I have already tried code 'LR' for libya but no luck :(


could any body pls help, it's urgent




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Guest Sumedh



You would need to add proper entity id for a particular entity in the XML file.


Please note, entity id's are unique with respect to the maps.


For Libya entity id is : 026


For Egypt entity id is : 015


Ref. code:


<entity id='026' value='515' displayValue='Libya' fontBold='1' fontsize='13' fontColor='0372AB'/>

<entity id='015' value='373' displayValue='Egypt' fontBold='1' fontsize='13' fontColor='0372AD' />


For more information, refer Map Specification Sheet section in the FusionMaps documentation:



Also, find attached screenshot for your reference


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