Spacing Issue For Category Labels In Msstackedcolumn2D

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I have a chart that has multiple sets of bar charts. Each set represents a grouping that has it's own unique name. Within each set, each bar requires it's own unique label. I can't find a good way to label each bar with their own label. (See attached screenshot).


I have tried separating the bar's labels with a pipe symbol "|", but when there are many bars, the label wraps to a new line and it looks very bad and confusing! The label for each set of bars is easy because I added a "{br}" to force a new line.


I understand that the labels for each bar should be rotated, but it's not possible to rotate only the bar labels, and leave the group label horizontal... it would be nice to specify which lines of the label need to be rotated!!!


Anyways, does anyone have any ideas how I can label the bars to make them readable?


Here is my current label code. Keep in mind there can be even more bars within each set (upto 12).


<category label='Comp|Neuro|ADRD|TBI|SCI|ALS|MD|CP{br}Mental Health' />
<category label='Comp|Neuro|ADRD|TBI|SCI|ALS|MD|CP{br}Home Care' />
<category label='Comp|Neuro|ADRD|TBI|SCI|ALS|MD|CP{br}Nursing Home' />
<category label='Comp|Neuro|ADRD|TBI|SCI|ALS|MD|CP{br}Complex Continuing Care' />





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Guest Sumedh



I am afraid, the feature which you are looking for is not available, as of now.


The category label will be displayed according to the chart size and number of labels you are passing in a single category label.

(e.g. <category label='Comp|Neuro|ADRD|TBI|SCI|ALS|MD|CP{br}Mental Health' />)


Thanks for your time and support.

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