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Conflict Between Trend Display Value And Tick Mark Values In Angularguage

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This may not be a bug, but instead an error on my part. I have found that it is possible for the tick mark value and the trend point display value to overwrite each other in an AngularGauge chart. Here is an xml file to demonstrate the problem I am having. Notice that "Lst Yr" conflicts with the "750" (midpoint tick value):


<chart lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="1500" lowerLimitDisplay="0" upperLimitDisplay="1500" tickValueDistance="20" showValue="1" pivotFillColor="333333" pivotFillAlpha="100" ChartTopMargin="20">

<!-- This file was created on: 04/02/2012 08:50:44 -->


<color minValue="0" maxValue="500" code="FF654F"/>

<color minValue="500" maxValue="1000" code="F6BD0F"/>

<color minValue="1000" maxValue="1500" code="8BBA00"/>



<dial value="789" rearExtension="10"/>



<point startValue="779" displayValue="Lst Yr" color="666666" thickness="2"/>




I am wondering if there is a way to move either the trendpoint displayValue inside the guage, or the move the tick mark values inside the guage -- or perhaps another solution?


Thanks in advance,

Larry Blankenship

Hollins University

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Guest Bindhu

Hi Larry,


Thank you for the post.


You may try using either of the options mentioned below,


1. Try using the attribute 'valueInside' and set it 1.

Ref. Code:

<trendpoints >
<point startValue="779" displayValue="Lst Yr" color="666666" thickness="2" valueInside='1'/>


The 'valueInside' attribute lets you to configure the display of trend-point value inside the gauge.


Please find attached screen shot with the above settings applied.


2. You may try using the pseudo code {br} in the displayValue attribute.

Ref. Code:

<trendpoints >
<point startValue="779" displayValue="{br}{br}Lst Yr" color="666666" thickness="2" />


Please find attached another screen shot with the above settings applied.


You may choose the best option that suits your needs.


Hope this helps !



Edited by Bindhu

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Thank you very much for responding, Bindhu. The "valueInside=1" feature works very well. Is there a similar feature to move the tick mark numbers inside?

I think I will try the Psuedo code solution as well.

Thanks again,


Edited by zugzwang

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Guest Sumedh



To place tick values inside, you would need to use placeValuesInside attribute.


Set 'placeValuesInside' attribute to '1' under the chart element. This will place tick values inside the gauge.


Ref. Code:

<chart .. placeValuesInside='1'>


Find attached screen-shot for your reference with this reply.


Hope this helps.


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Thanks Sumedh, this worked as well. I have decided to put the trendline information outside and the tickmark numbers on the inside, and all is working fine. Thank you both for timely and clear answers. I am done with this thread as all of my questions have been answered...

Thanks! :)


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